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ElectroMechanical Automatic Drilling Drives

The electric motor is the most common automatic drill spindle drive for these reasons:

  • Operates from a reliable source of energy
  • Economical to purchase
  • Most economical Self Feed Drill Unit type to operate
  • External Motor is the Easist Drive type to maintain
  • Stable Spindle operating speed, unaffected by Spindle Stroke Air Pressure or the Feed Rate

Typical Electric Motor Automatic Drilling Drive Arrangements

self feeding drill drive

"U" Configuration  ..  AC Motor and Belt Drive Drilling Unit  ..  Configurable in Four Positions

automatic self feed drill

"Z" Configuration  ..  AC Motor and Belt Drive  ..  Configurable in Four Positions
Click on Image to see Color Photo

self feeding drill

AC Motor Direct Drive Self-Feed Drill Configuration
Click on Image to see Color Photo

production drill units

AC Motor for Dual Self-Feeding Drill Arrangement
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